From ER Doctor Saving Lives, To Inventor Saving Celebrations

About Us

Dr. Bob has been an Emergency Room physician for almost 40 years.  He stopped eating birthday cake at celebrations years ago.  After diagnosing and treating many patients who had become sick after attending parties, Dr. Bob knew that germs, viruses and bacteria could be spread while blowing out birthday candles.  He discovered a research study that showed blowing out candles could cause an increase in the amount of germs by up to 1400%.  Dr. Bob knew there had to be a safe way to stop the spread of germs, especially now as we try to re-imagine “normal”. When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in 2020 he knew he had no time to waste. The mission to keep people healthy become even more pressing and dire.  Dr. Bob has been privileged to help protect the time honored tradition of blowing out birthday candles while keeping the joy of celebrating all occasions!


“I knew there had to be a way to keep GERMS OFF while blowing out birthday candles.”

Dr. Bob’s nephew, Andrew Hasson, was a Director of Operations for a large, national franchise chain for over 15 years.  Hasson’s strengths are strategic operation management, engineering, production, and creative marketing ideas.  Combining their knowledge and resources together, they invented Candle Buddy. 

Candle Buddy headquarters are located in Austin, TX. The business is truly a family focused company. When creating Candle Buddy the two families joined together and used the talents of their own children and grandchildren. Everyone played a role in the creative process from designing the packaging to creating the videos used on our website. Many of our friends and family members provided valuable feedback and tested Candle Buddy at their celebrations. We owe a big thanks to our good friend Rick Quevedo for creating the Candle Buddy logo, video and media design work. Candle Buddy has been such a fun and rewarding product to bring to the world!

This Product is a must have for everyone!

CANDLE BUDDY is a fun product for all ages and more importantly a way to keep “GERMS OFF” for a healthy celebration.  The journey of creating this patent pending product has just begun. There are many more designs and colors that are coming out soon.

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